Puppy Upon Request. New Office Entertainment Offered by Uber

In 10 cities across America, it is now possible to order cute puppies straight to your office through the Uber services. For just $30, those in need of some puppy love can have 15 minutes to cuddle the cutest little puppies ever. Naturally, the puppies can also be adopted, giving people the chance to see if they can bond with the dog.

Uber delivers puppies to the offices for fun

Uber is a company that offers limousine and taxi services across the world. They are also currently competing with Google in trying to create a driverless car, so that they can deliver their services without the cost of drivers. Now, they have entered a partnership with Animal Planet, the television channel, to bring puppies to the working class.

When the deliveries first started, it was as part of the Puppy Bowl XI show on the Animal Planet channel. This show is on every year and offers an alternative to the Super Bowl, which kicks off around the same time. During Puppy Bowl, cameras follow puppies around as they are left to play in a big arena filled with toys with a football theme.

10 cities took part in the puppy scheme, being Baltimore, Phoenix, Dallas, Cleveland, Denver, Washington, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Seattle. People could cuddle their puppies between 11am and 3pm. All of the puppies came from animal shelters in the local area. Some even came in costumes, including jerseys and tutus.

This is not the first time that Uber has broken the mould. In the past, they have already delivered Halloween costumes, kittens, flu shots and food. It seems that their goal, at the minute, is to raise awareness of their existence – competing with Google is a pretty big thing, after all – and to help with social issues. Hence, although it cost $30 to cuddle a puppy for 15 minutes, this was not a moneymaking scheme.

This is unlike some ideas others have had to make money with their puppies. Take a look at the following examples:

  • Niche pet accessories, including goggles and crazy hats.
  • Turning pets into internet sensations (think Grumpy Cat, but then as a puppy).
  • Allowing dogs to take part in grooming shows, turning them into the most amazing creations by cutting and dying their fur.

Making money is about being creative, and working on what people want. And we all know that people want cuddles and cuteness, so you are on a sure winner with puppies.