About Us

Kelly’s Kennels is a fully licensed and regulated UK dog breeding business.

To all our customers we wish to say thanks for your support over the years and we are always grateful to hear from you. Your feedback is very welcome and we are always keen to learn how to best serve your needs. We are very proud to be able to say that we have brought companionship, joy and happiness to the lives of so many people.

To prospective customers we ask simply that you come visit and see our pets for yourself.
We are confident the quality of our dogs and the service provided will meet or exceed your expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read a little about Kelly’s Kennels LTD. We are a family run business and we are very proud of what we do.

Being able to work with dogs every day is a privilege and we are grateful to our many friends, family & customers who support us in our business. Breeding dogs is our passion in life and this is something we have a great deal of experience and knowledge about, it is a 365 day a year occupation.
The welfare of our dogs and their puppies is our highest priority.

We have a number of dedicated and hardworking staff who like us, love dogs and meeting our customers.
Our Managing director is Mrs Kelly Fenney who gained her Distinction Level Diploma in Animal Management & Husbandry in 2010 which adds to her vast practical experience.

Like any modern kennels, veterinary expertise is crucial and we are very lucky to able to work closely with our specialist vets. Their senior Vet works closely with our management to ensure that practices and protocols in place at Kelly’s Kennels are adhering to the latest industry guidelines. They visit the Kennels regularly and we greatly value their input.

We currently operate a breeding establishment in Warrington and another in Northern Ireland, The NI site is run and operated by ourselves and our staff in specialist high welfare centrally heated brand new accommodation which was purpose built for us and incorporates an enhanced and enriched environment for our dogs.

Transport between our two sites is done by a bespoke DEFRA licensed and approved transport vehicle which has a fully trained attendant, onboard cameras, food, automatic water, clean bright white bedding, impervious surfaces, air conditioning and an air suspension to provide a stress free transport experience. Every animal movement is inspected and certified fit for travel by DEARA veterinary officials and puppies can only move at 8 weeks or older.



Warrington, Cheshire