Dachshund on Duty: Story of One Dog

The story was published by a sys admin and still is a subject of multiple discussions over Internet. While we can’t confirm if it is true or now that fact of cooperation between humans and dogs, a dachshund in our case, looks completely amazing. Let me switch to the first person narration further.

“One day I had a task from my managers to lay a dozen twisted-pair cables across a distance of 300 feet. Most of the cable had to be routed behind the suspended ceiling three metres above the ground. Soon I realized I stood no chances to do that on my own and I suggested that the task is re-assigned to a team certified cablemen. I have written down the task details and e-mailed it to a few offices.

I have got multiple proposals, most would involve 3 – 4 people and a few days of work, but there was a proposal that stood out from the rest. The guys said they would do the job in less than 8 hours and three times cheaper than any of their competitors. I called them back, just in case, and double checked if I got them correctly. They confirmed on their side and explained that the proposal is so cheap because the job is done by the.. cablelayer. I was utmost curious as the last time I had to deal with the cable layer was going back to my army days and I had absolutely no idea how the device may be applied to lay the twisted-pair cables behind the suspended ceiling.

At the selected day the two cable guys arrived carrying staircase and some tools. As I was watching them getting their tool off the car I was looking forward to seeing their magic cablelayer. I never saw it out of the bus, but the last to come out was a mid size dachshund. As I was standing surprised the cable guys explained that that dachshund IS the cablelayer.

The dog was wearing a special suit with an arm at the back and a “helmet” with a flash-light. The pet would carry a wire running to the other side’s flashlight and voice doing no damage to the ceiling or harm to himself. The speed of cable laying was just fantastic. The dog was carrying the wire running on the ceiling and back to the start point across the office. It turned the dachshund was legally working at the company and the guys even showed the proof papers.

The job was indeed done in less than a working day but the office work was totally stalled. Everybody wanted to see the cablelayer in operation.”

Believe it or not but helping humans might not only be fun for dog but also reduce working efforts and time do some specific tasks. As long as the dog is safe and secure. Meanwhile, we remind you, dear reader, that dachshunds are not only nimble and energetic pets but are also beautiful in their appearance. Have a look at the latest litter of dachshund puppies for sale at Kellys Kennel using the hyperlink.