Man and Dog: Flocking Rules to Remember About

Now that you have a new adorable puppy at home things look simple: You are the master and the puppy is your friend. Your future helpmate, guide, guard or whatever the breed is good at.

Problem is that you see things from the “human” point of view. Meanwhile, puppy think that he is part of the new flock – and you are its leader. Just like in any flock – there are its rules. And as the pet matures and gets stronger it might start to compete for the leadership if it feels you aren’t stronger.

Strenghts: Still being a puppy you pet will keep checking how strong you are as a leader. While going up the stairs you are probably caring not about who is going to go first. The first to go in the flock should always be the leader. Do not allow your pet to go first if it comes to the behavior problems. Here is another story: You come home and your happy puppy runs around you and finally puts his upper paws on you. Remember, there is only one flock member who is allowed to do that – the leader. Keep an eye on that if you pet is competing for leadership.

Training: Every member of your family should have authority in the eyes of the pet. So only allow to train the puppy or dog while you are around. As the leader you allow that – and the pet can’t but obey. It will take some time but as the time goes the pet will be respecting requests from any member of your family.

Everybody knows that during the mealtime pets should wait till the family is through, however it is hard to resist when a pair of irrefutable eyes are looking at you. If you see that your puppy is competing for the leadership – avoid this type of the sympathy. The first to eat in the flock is the leader – the last to eat is the lowest in the hierarchy. Take it as a habit to feed the dog after everybody else is done. Private zone: Have you ever wondered why you puppy is so eager to get the your bed? Your bed is the leader’s place. Once it is occupied by the puppy master no more has the leader’s zone. Another attempt to be the leader. So one needs to explain straight away that the bed is his place and puppy should never be there.

Hope these simple ideas will help you to build friendly and cheerful relations with your beloved pet!