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2014 Feedbacks

Sati Dent, owners of a Lhasa pup:

“I just thought I would update you with Bertie’s progress with his new family. Bertie is an absolute joy and all the family love him, he settled in very well despite being sick in the car journey home from the kennels, and does not like the car at all since, we are taking him on short trips but still cries and gets sick..bless him…his first night he slept all the way through and has continued to do so every night. He has a very big personality, cheeky but full of love and energy..always wanting to play fight! He loves having a chew on our fingers and toes and absolutely loves shoes!.. his toilet training is improving daily with some accidents but he loves to explore in the garden. He has been on a few walks and although a little scared of the cars and various noises and prefers to run rather than walk, he is always happy to get home where he feels safe and warm 🙂

Here are some pics of Bertie! Kindest Regards!”

Lynsey, owner of the little Mikey:

“Hi Please see attached some photos of little Mikey. He’s settled so well with the family. Our cat isn’t overwhelmed but she is coming round. Will keep you posted with updates.”


“We bought woody the puggle 3 years ago from you. He is a well behaved beautiful dog. Thank you all so much xx Hope you like the pics and keep up the good work )”

Bridget Roberts, owner of two Beagle puppies:

“Hi Kelly, hopefully you remember me – I have 2 beagles from your kennels and have some lovely pics of them which I thought you would like to see:
I got Bailey from you in 2009. He was born on 3rd March and his parents were Fen’s Lad Buster & Lady of Elegance
I got Parker from you in 2013. He was born on 21st July and his parents were Norcis Tivoli & Lady Kelvina
As you can see from the photo’s they are both well and get on great. Couldn’t imagine my life without either of them. I am happy for the photo’s to go on your website if you want to show people what beautiful dogs they are

Sefton Simpson:

“Ralph was from your litter born 1/08/13. He was the last one there with his brother and was very much under his shadow. He is now the most confident well mannered puppy you could ever meet! I have never had s dog so easy to train and he just loves the whole family. Thank you for being so patient and supportive at viewing. I have told everyone about Kelly’s Kennells that was the most positive pet purchase experience i have ever had!”

Suzanne, owner of a Beagle pup:

“Hi all at Kelly’s. We would just like to say how much we love having Buddy and what a fab member of the family he has become. I must admit he has been a cracker from day one no sleepless nights or mess in the house! Think we picked a clever boy 🙂 lots of love Suzanne and of course Buddy x”

Janice, Owner of a Scottish Terrier:

“Hi. I came to view your Scottish terriers last Friday 31.01.2014 and came back to collect him on Saturday 01.02.2014.
He was nervous whilst we were sorting all the paperwork out as you were extremely busy but your staff were very attentive and gave us all the information required.
We have had Scottish Terriers before (Jock) and also have a Westie (Angus) who has been lost since we Jock died. The puppy was sick in the car just as we pulled into our street: every dog, child and grandchild have been sick on me so why should he be different.
He settled in within 1 hour with our other dog and slowly over the last two days they have formed a bond, playing chase together and sharing the same basket. We struggled for a name as Jock was iconic but we have settled on Baxter and he seems to be reacting to it.
I have attached a photo of the two posing on the couch (its very hard to take a photo of a black dog and a white dog when not outside )
I will be recommending your kennels to anyone that asks and cannot thank you enough for healing a hole that the loss of Jock had made not just for myself and my grandaughter but for Angus who now has a playmate again.”

Cathy and Paul Fisher, owners of a Westie pup:

“Hi we bought a westy off your good selves last Sunday we called him Archie even thou it’s only been a week I have to say many thanks to you . He is a complete pleasure and we as a family are totally addicted to him. He gets into all kinds of mischief and we are constantly in stitches at his antics. Will email some pictures in a few weeks for you to see. Again many thanks Cathy and Paul Fisher”

Scott and Aubrey, Owners of a Golden Cockapoo puppy:

“Hello Kellys Kennels,
Late but as promised are some pictures of Rosie our gorgeous golden Cockapoo. She’s a beautiful little girl who has settled into our home fantastically, she’s so friendly and loving she became part of our family in no time!
Thanks again, Scott and Aubrey :)”

New Milo (Pugalier pup) family:

“Hi Kelly
Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know how Milo is doing and some pics …….
The first 2 walks we went on I had to pull him all the way would not walk at all now he is used to the route off our street and down the woods he is more confident and only heels went in front of dogs, we haven’t ventured on to roads where there will be other people or lots of cars yet , one step at a time lol
He is very kiddy and still having to get him used to the kids, my 5yr old who you met is now confident in pushing him down and saying down as he is constantly jumping up, but this is getting to be more controlled, my 1yr old son still isn’t that sure about him but I feel the more time he spends with the family the more he will calm down, and not jump and lick my 1yr old so much, it’s just a time thing.
On an evening when kids are in bed he is much calmer and just chills on the sofa getting lots of snuggles from me.
He has only poo’d 2 times in the house since Wednesday and a couple of wee accidents through out the night but apart from that he has been an angel , not chewing things or getting up to miss chief. I still need to get him to toilet on the lead but we are only on day 4.
He is an adorable puppy , and loved by us all !!!! Xxx
Thank you for making our family complete”

Karon Deary, Owner of Buttons (Labradoodle puppy):

“Hi, I’ve attached some pictures of Buttons, Purchased on 2nd December 2013. Last bitch of the litter bought for my son as a Christmas present. These pictures are of her; watching tele with her new owner Kyle, and playing in her garden with her friend Rosie from next door, and this is her relaxing with her ball after her bath today. We are very happy with her and she is now a valued part of our family
Thanks, Karon Deary”

Jackie Watson, owner of Ralph (Cocker Spaniel):

“Hi Guys
Ralph our Cocker Spaniel will be 11 months old this month. Well our little boy has brought so much pleasure to our family. Affectionate, playful, loyal and easy to train are some of his attributes. What was life before Ralph ……… Empty we would say everyone needs a Ralph in their lives. Thank you for our little man. Jackie Watson
From Jack’s iPhone”

Paul and Deb, owners of Archie (Cocker Spaniel):

Just wanted to show you a pic of Archie who we got from you in march last year. He is a typical beagle full of energy and myschief and we love him to bits. Have recommended you lots and cant thank you enough for our gorgeous boy!
Deb and Paul”

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